Modernize your kitchen without the cost and time expense of cabinet replacement! On average, the cost of kitchen cabinet refinishing is 20 to 25% the product cost of new cabinets (not to mention the installation costs).


Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing options:

Completely stripping the old finish then staining/reapplying a clear finish to solid colors and glazed or antiqued finishes.

Pro Tip: Generally as long as your doors and frames are wood, your cabinets can be refinished.

The Finishes Offered (listed in order from least to most durable):

  • Hybrids (alkyd modified acrylics)
  • Alkyds (commonly known as oil based)
  • Water based Lacquers
  • Catalyzed Conversion Varnishes
  • Acrylics (latexes) (not recommended for cabinets)

We recommend choosing paint samples from either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams

State of the Art Spraying Booth:

Lacquers and Conversion Varnishes cannot be brushed and need to be sprayed due to their very fast drying properties. The same finishes used in our shop are the same used by cabinet manufacturers on new cabinets. We have been applying these finishes in residential homes for 15 years we and are the only company in the area to successfully do so.

Time Frame:

Generally the process of finishing a kitchen takes 5 days from start to finish with limited access to the kitchen for two of those days.

A quick overview of our general kitchen cabinet refinishing process:

  1. Remove the door & drawers from the kitchen which are then brought and finished at our shop. (the Doors and drawers follow the same process as below)
  2. Plastic off the rest of the kitchen or cabinets to contain dust or spray fumes
  3. Sand surfaces -this provides a smooth finish and provides a mechanical “key” for the primer to grip
  4. On site frames being sprayed
  5. Apply primer
  6. Sand surfaces
  7. Apply first finish
  8. Sand surfaces
  9. Apply second on site finish coat
  10. The masking and plastic are removed and the doors and drawers are reinstalled

Design Tip: Want to make an even bolder transformation with your newly finished kitchen cabinets? We recommend updating the hinges & handles!


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kitchen cabinets that were refinishing by Vermont Paint Craftsmen